Our Ukraine country partner receives an ambulance!

We were delighted to see the photos of an ambulance arriving to our country partners in Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine.

The ambulance was part-funded due to the generosity of our supporters through our Help for Ukraine appeal and The Blue Heron Foundation. The Blue Heron Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation that aims to transform the lives of orphaned and abandoned youths in Romania and Moldova. Since the start of the crisis in Ukraine, it has been working to raise funds for those affected.

The ambulance is one of many provisions we have been able to make since the start of the Ukrainian crisis, thanks to donations from our supporters. Our teams in Moldova and Romania have been working hard to provide vital services, including finding temporary accommodation, delivering donations, and providing medical services at the border. We are so proud of our team’s work for Ukraine, on top of their missions in Romania and Moldova.

Donate to support the provision of hospice care in Ukraine

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