The latest news from our Romanian hospice partners

Our country partners Hospice Casa Sperantei have had a busy start to the year. In January, they won ‘NGO Initiative of the Year’ at the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala in Bucharest. In February, they celebrated their belated 30th anniversary with a special Gala event with our founder; Graham Perolls, and CEO; Anna Perolls, in attendance.

Throughout this 30 year period, more than 45,000 patients and more than 100,000 relatives have benefited from palliative care in Romania, and this was made possible with the help of our supporters.

At the end of the event, CEO of Hospice Casa Sperantei, Mirela Nemtanu, shared the following message:

“It is a great challenge to have to summarise the last 30 years in moments, stories, and highlighting key people. At hospice, every day is one that changes statistics and, I hope also, perceptions of palliative care.

I think that a key moment in the history of hospice is when we were awarded the title of Hospital of the Year in Romania obtained at the end of last year within the Romanian Healthcare Awards. I believe that it is a key moment because it substantiates our status – a hospital that was built and that operates from donations – can be at the top, it can be a benchmark.

The last 30 years are about sponsors, donors, volunteers, ambassadors, media that shared our messages and stories, about our team, about patients who fight, about patients holding hands in their last moments, about belongings that are not left alone and abandoned after losing loved ones. And this moment is an opportunity for me to say a big thank you to everyone who connected to the hospice story ”

The Emanuel Hospice team were recently awarded a ‘Diploma of Excellence’ in the category “Medical Team of the Year” for excellence in providing palliative care services at home. Emanuel Hospice CEO Marinela shares; “This award honors us and, at the same time, motivates us to continue Our mission of providing comfort, dignity and an optimal quality of life to the oncological patients found in advanced stage of illness and to their families.”

Emanuel Hospice were also recently able to open an in-patient unit for adults with advanced cancer and children with life limiting conditions. Patients will benefit from medical consultations, a treatment plan and psychosocial support. Services are also available for the family members of the patients, so they can receive counselling and psycho-emotional assistance as they process their loved ones diagnosis.

We are supporting Emanuel Hospice in funding and recruiting a full time fundraiser, as well as with funding to allow them to retain their clinical team of 6.

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