About us

Everyone deserves to live and die with dignity and without pain

Hospices of Hope is the only UK and USA 501c(3) charity dedicated to supporting the development of palliative and end of life care in South Eastern Europe. Our vision is for all patients suffering from terminal or life-limiting illnesses to have access to specialist hospice care services, free of charge – because everyone deserves to live and die with dignity and without pain.

Why We are Needed

In the countries we partner with, the vast majority of people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses do not have access to free specialist care at the end of their lives. They are left to die without their pain and symptoms being treated and without any emotional or spiritual support.

Since our charity’s conception, access to free hospice care in South East Europe has started to improve, and through our country partners, more than 70,000 patients and their families have received help in this time.

But there is still a long way to go and access to hospice care is still extremely limited. Hospices of Hope has a vital role to play in continuing to develop better access to palliative care services in the region, through the use of our knowledge, advocacy skills, fundraising and networking experience

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Our Trustees

US Board Members
  • Julianne Paunescu (Chairperson)
  • Diane Gerzevitz
  • Dr. Ronna McHammond
  • Dr. Stephen Connor
  • Graham Perolls CMG, OBE
  • Jennifer Sarteau
  • Jeremy Taglieri
UK Trustees
  • Rev. Tony Redman (Chair)
  • Dr. Alison Landon MBE (Vice-chair)
  • Peter Russell
  • Simone Ingram
  • Yapincak Erkan
  • Freddie Briance
  • Rick Woodward
  • Steph Storer
  • David Grace
  • David Goldsborough
  • Denis Keefe
  • Sioned Evans
  • Andreea Petreanu