Mission – Vision – Aim


To improve the quality of life for all patients needing palliative care and their families in South and East Europe by increasing provision and access to palliative care services, bereavement support and training of medical personnel,wherever possible working through our main country partners.

Our mission was started because of the impact on health care services in the region following decades of communist rule and neglect and because there were no specialist services available for these patients.

We believe that through our work we will also help empower the citizens of this region to contribute to the building of a more civil, caring and compassionate society.


All patients needing palliative and end of life care in South and East Europe should have free of charge access to specialist services when they need them.


To achieve policy changes in Romania, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Greece, Albania and Ukraine that will lead to hospice/palliative care becoming available to a majority of the population.

We also aim to influence the governments of the surrounding countries that do not currently have palliative care services, do not fund palliative care services or do not have adequate systems in place to care for those who need palliative or end of life care.

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